How to work hard with consistency and still enjoy it

How To Work Hard With Consistency & Still Enjoy It

We all know that hard work and consistency are required to succeed in life. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to succeed in, if you do not put the effort in consistently, you will not achieve optimum results in life. Or you may end up failing altogether. Whether it’s to make a lot of money, pass your exams, have an ideal job, health, relation or an overall ideal life. Consistency and hard work will get you there. It will buy you the resources for you and your family to thrive.

However there will be people reading this and thinking…. “hang on, I graft all day at the factory or an office… but I’m still hardly getting the spoils of real success” “I’m barely surviving rather than thriving”

But here’s the thing:

1) There are millions of people who are lazy.

2) There are millions who just do enough to get by.

3) There’s a larger number of people who work hard in factories or offices. Sometimes single parents working or doing multiple jobs trying to provide a better future for their kids. These personalities are even present in the academic world. These people work extremely hard to achieve the A-grades in their subjects but end up falling short.

(#2 & #3 are motivated out of fear- which are talked about further in later posts)

4) But only a few bunch of people work hard out of passion or joy for what they do to earn a living…. It’s not as simple as forcing yourself to like a job, skill or a subject… you truly have to enjoy it or like some aspects of it. You must enjoy it enough, so that you need less or no self-motivation before enduring tasks related to the job, skill or subject. It’s only a select few, who were privileged, lucky or worked towards having the luxury to do what they’re passionate about as a job. Understandably, most people aren’t as lucky or aware of the advantages of having a job which they’re obsessed about.

Here are the advantages: Let’s compare a typical hard office/ factory workers with people who enjoy their craft.

In the factory or an office scenario, a typical 9-5 ¬†or other 8 or 12 hour graft will be in place. These people will be used to their jobs and will be motivated out of fear of not paying their bills and being able to keep a roof over their heads. Or fear of losing their jobs altogether. They’ll have to self motivate a lot as fear may convince them to escape from their situations.

The ones who find a job they enjoy will typically put the extra hours in due to the sheer thrill of it. They’ll work hard and be consistent, without even trying or self motivating. Their job becomes their daily “fix” which they’re addicted to. It becomes an auto-motivator.

What most individuals don’t understand is that this can be related to most jobs out there. Whether it’s a businessman seeking the thrill of making that business deal or excited about a product that will sell. Or a chef excited to try out new recipes or generally loves to cook. Each person has a different craft they’re accustomed for. Many people may like the same craft, but each may have a different reason why they enjoy it.

It’s really up you to do a bit of soul searching, by analysing what you do on a daily basis and discover your addiction obsession or passion… and ultimately convert it into job.


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