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Any materials we do not have the ownership to, will be used under strict guidelines and referencing.
The materials published and posted  on this website are created by (1) the author’s own intuition and (2) also created from the vast material that has been created and stored over the years by the author. (For more information about how the content within this website was created, please visit the ABOUT page)
Any content used from this website must be referenced under strict guidelines and a link to this website must be present where ever the contents may be used.
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Reliance On Information Posted & Disclaimer

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Damage Charges

Any damage caused to our business, website and it’s material by hacking, viruses or by any other means will automatically become a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Appropriate and legal action will be implemented against such offences. Any collateral and chained events cause by any initial criminal offence, which may cause damage to our visitors and their property will not be the responsibility of  HowToBeIt. Therefore we will not be liable to an damages from such events.
However, any damage to the visitors and their property will negatively effect our business and operation. Appropriate actions will be taken against such events.


The website will be contently changing. Therefore it will go under downtime restricting visitor’s access temporarily when ever it’s deemed appropriate.
Terms & conditions and privacy policy will change accordingly whenever this website is obliged to do so.  Which will ultimately inform the visitors of any new changes that have been made and introduced within legal bounds.

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