How to be motivated out of passion (intrinsic) instead of Fear(extrinsic)

How to be motivated out of passion (intrinsic) instead of Fear(extrinsic)

Common Problems for the average person

Within our societies today, you will find a lot of people who are motivated out of fear (extrinsic motivation). Whether it’s the fear of not passing your exams, fear of losing your  jobs, not paying your bills and having a roof over your head, or obtaining other basic needs. For the average person, this is just a fraction of our problems we have to endure in order to maintain a basic standard of living, relationships and being respected amongst your social circle. When you think that you’re not motivated out of fear because you’re following your dream to earn money and have a big house etc… you’re still fearful of not achieving that dream because you’re fearing not obtaining a big house and a lot of money and becoming the average folk whose struggling out there.

Fear is necessary but you shouldn’t let it dictate your life

Fear is necessary as its part of our primal instinct to survive. We’ve required it throughout the history of mankind. From fear of farming crops in order to survive in the medieval era or when hunters and gatherers used fight or flight for hunting prey or when fleeing a predator. They had the fear of not eating and had to hunt which also was a big motivator. However there was something else these hunters automatically began using as motivation without even realising it.

They began hunting for the shear thrill, buzz as well as the therapeutic nature of such activity. Especially when they began having the means and the extra arrows at their disposal.  Similar to a kid in today’s era playing a shooting game on a console. Even when hunting was no longer required for their survival, the joy of hunting was also an auto-motivation. Which caused these people to carry on hunting on a regular basis, even though it was no longer necessary for their survival.

Being motivated by passion (intrinsic motivation)

The same therapeutic buzz was present when humans began using their skills from their hunting days to create products for trade and services. The thrill of making new discoveries or creating new inventions became an obsession and an addiction for the scientists and craftsmen. It was also exciting for the people who used the new inventions. (Just like kids get excited today when trying out the latest console)Whether they were shoe makers or created fabric from raw materials or weaponry etc. The same thrill was present when merchants and traders made great business deals.

It becomes an addiction which is medically proven that you release happy hormones when you partake in your favourite pass time activities. Your body searches for the same buzz if you enjoy your profession or craft. Whether you’re chef, mechanic, lawyer, a barber, an artist or a performer in front of a massive audience etc. This is where you have to be honest with yourself and search for what you enjoy doing. Rather than doing it out of fear of not attaining your dream, the money, cars etc. What people do instead is fall in love with the final product or destination such as their dreams rather than the journey itself.

That type of motivation won’t be as effective as being motivated by the journey or the craft/profession that leads you success. Effective in terms of  the amount of hard work or how efficient as you could be if you work from pleasure. Instead you’ll be dreading your work on a daily basis, trying to find the motivation to face it every day. Whereas if you do your research and find out the skills, crafts and jobs that thrill you or get you addicted, you’ll effortlessly get where you need to be. In fact you’ll need motivation to stop working hard. Don’t undermine your profession, no matter how lame it may seem, it’s the hard work that gets you places, and that hard work comes from addiction, obsession or passion. Even a profession which may not seem so great to some people like a barber could potentially get you becoming celebrity barber. As long as you enjoy it enough that it brings you back with ease and it allows you to work that extra mile to enhance your craft.

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