How to learn from your failures

How to learn from your failures

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to succeed in to improve your life. Whether it’s achieving those A grades at school, obtaining a nice physique and health, or trying to make your business successful. Hard work and consistency are always required to achieve those goals. However being able to do hard work and be consistent at the same time is extremely difficult. Especially when you have you have to self-motivate because you don’t have a boss. People commonly tend to underestimate these 2 attributes in terms of their difficulty. We assume that all we have to do is just motivate ourselves correctly and we’ll magically work hard on a regular basis. Or we just need to have the right reasons to do it and simply have to stop being lazy and getting distracted. Or we have to learn discipline and dedication.

Expecting common motivational techniques to make you work hard

We’re all capable of temporarily pumping ourselves through motivation. People commonly try many motivational techniques and act upon the common methods of motivation. Such as reading and watching inspirational books and videos. Or listening to music whilst mesmerisingĀ  about how their future will be if they work hard. They finally manage to pump themselves up and begin writing up plans and routines, but after a while many stop following them. Others end up doing a half-heart attempt and end up disappointed.

We begin to realise that it doesn’t matter what motivational techniques you do. Or what the motivational speaker tells you, whether it’s “never to give up” or “expect failures to happen” or “don’t be afraid to fail” etc. You still end up running out of motivational energy, searching for other motivational sources when we most need it. Yes of course these motivational speakers are correct: We should never give up, we shouldn’t be afraid to failĀ  and we should expect failures to happen and learn from those failures. However we never take the real advice that’s right in front of us.

Blaming it on the wrong reasons

We blame our failures on lack of dedication, discipline and focus. We assume that it’s down to laziness, distractions, procrastination, lack of motivation, incompetency etc and therefore we assume that the lesson is learnt. Or is it??? Don’t we do the same thing every time we fail?? We repeat the same cycle throughout our life time.

However we never ask the question: “did I fail due to lack the of passion and the desire to do the actual work and the contents related to the profession?”.

What we end up asking ourselves instead is “did I fail due to lack the of passion and desire to succeed?”.

These are 2 different questions, we’re more worried and passionate about succeeding and the end result rather than being passionate about performing the task itself. If you’re not passionate about what you do, then you can forget about succeeding. If you simply don’t like your craft, you can never force yourself to be passionate about it. It’s like your favourite or most disliked foods or flavours, you either like them or hate them. So you must be honest with yourself, rather than allowing your decisions be influenced by what others like. Especially subjects at schools and jobs. It can be a tough journey to discover who you are and what you like.

Of course there are a lot inevitable situations in life that you can’t change. Therefore you have to take on jobs you have no passion for. However there are also things you can change in your life. Why not learn about yourself and know what you like so that you make the correct choices. Once you gain the spoils of success from what you can control, will allow other doors and avenues to open up and give you choices for the inevitable situations you had no choice on.

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