How To Be A Hard Worker

How To Be A Hard Worker

There are many simple answers very close to us but we end up overlooking them. We overlook these answers because we can’t comprehend why something so simple be the answer to something that influences a lot of important parts in our lives. Such as how to be a hard worker? And work hard at our exams, diet & exercise routines, obtaining important jobs, working hard to maintain your own business etc. All of these important aspects in our lives require hard work and consistency. Therefore one of the assumptions a lot of people subconsciously create within their mind is that, acquiring such an important and influential perk of “being able to work hard consistently”, must require some magical and complicated solution. People also assume that it requires great self-motivation and intestinal fortitude to make it. However let me explain to you something and give you part of the answer right of the bat: If you need to motivate yourself to work hard at a job, then that job is not for you, because you don’t have  true passion for it. This is a hard pill to swallow for many people but its about time you start to become honest with yourselves.

Here’s an example which explains the earlier point more clearly: If any of you ever witness a kid playing a console, you realise how immersed they are with their gaming. Do you guys really think, these kids need to “self-motivate” themselves to play their console game??? That’s what passion is about, passion shares this same common trait with addiction and obsession. An addict does not require self-motivation to fulfill their addiction, nor does an obsessed man need self-motivation to fulfill their obsession and the same goes for passion. For all 3, the addiction, passion and obsession IS the “auto-motivator”. This is what passion is all about, which again a lot of us have such a misconception about. Instead, a lot of common folks think that it’s all about forcing yourself to like something because it’s “important”. Or you must get passionate about something for the sake of your future or other reasons??? Once again: your craft, job or skill should be the passion itself, not the end goal or other external reason and also there is no such thing as forcing yourself to like something or not. Your self worth should not decrease just because you don’t like something which is deemed to be so popular and prestigious among your society. You either like something or you don’t just like with different foods and other things. You must be honest with yourself.

Of course there are things which you must endure and you have no choice due to your circumstances, but that’s a whole different topic which i have written and i will be releasing in the near future. But i will a give a little spoiler on that too: ever heard the saying: there are things in life you can change and things you can’t, well here’s the added part which not many people will be able to tell you: “work hard at what you can change, because the spoils of what you can change will create avenues for the inevitable which you couldn’t change before or had no choice on”

Going back to forcing yourself to like things. What  most people do is, go down the route of self motivation, and force themselves to get motivated about something. They listen to some words of inspiration from sources such as YouTube motivational videos (which do have a lot of truth to them) but the problem that people seem to have with that type of motivation is that it doesn’t last for very long. You may end up pumping yourself up for a while and then find yourself distracted and running out of steam within a matter of an hour. People assume that since the rest are doing it then it must be correct. This why the majority follow and the minority lead and become successful.

Yes, it’s true, there is no easy way around doing things, there are no short cuts, hard work does conquer things. It’s also true that you should expect failures to happen on your road to success and it’s all about fighting through hard times.

These common lines of wisdom still do not explain, clear cut, how other people are able to work their ass off and be successful. Whilst most others can’t work as hard without a boss standing over their head in a typical job. Well you can all ask yourself these questions, when has an addict ever need to motivate themselves to get their next fix for drug? When has an obsessed person ever lacked the work ethic and consistency to peruse their obsessions. When has a passionate person ever lacked the desire to hold on to their passion and dreams.

This is the simple point in our lives people all over look… we all see examples of this everyday in our lives, whether it’s a kid who has an amazing ability to play console for 6 hours and that same ability disappears when they have to do even half an hour of homework. Or when you come across a drug addict chasing drugs. Therefore it does not mean you’re not hungry enough for success it simply means you haven’t found an addiction obsession or passion that evokes your desire and hunger due to the sheer pleasure of it. So pleasurable that making money does not draw you back to it, it’s your sheer love for that craft that’ll force you back to it like a kid hooked on a game console.

A lot of people would ask the question, how can we compete with others to become successful. Well, let’s face it, you don’t have to be extremely competitive and it doesn’t have to make you filthy rich or famous but If it can bail you out of most of your daily troubles allowing you to do things that you like doing, why not do it. Rather than suffer and complain. However if you really want to be the best at things or renowned for your skill, then wouldn’t you stand a better chance if you were able to put the work in without forcing yourself?

There could be other reasons why people never come across or use this concept of addiction, obsession and passion (AOP). This is due to the fact that there is a lot of negative light that’s usually shed on AOP. We hear personal experiences through sources such as, relatives, friends, school lessons, TV adverts and many other sources on the downfalls of addiction and obsessive compulsive behaviors. Many others assume that passion or a hobby’s are similar, as in they’re not physical or mental disorder but as past time activities which could be wasting our times.

Due to these reasons we have to realise that we’re never given any lessons or any reasons to focus our attentions to the positives of AOP, as it has a lot of bad stigma attached to it due to the lessons given on alcohol and drug addiction. We also have to understand that it plays a big part in a human being’s life, as we’re creatures of habit and addiction.

However, what most of us fail or never get a chance to understand is how to take advantage of our natural ability to be AOP. 

There are plenty of posts on how to use AOP to our advantage, read previous articles/post or simply stay tuned.

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