Basic information about the author and owner of the website

I am the author and the owner of this website and I would like to be referred to as “Howtobeit”. The reason why I am not giving out my real name is because I am a firm believer of people having the right to their privacy. I want to keep my work & business life separate from my personal life. This website is my life’s work and passion.

Style of English used on my website

I’ll be using the British style of the English Language and the spelling variations will be noticeable to the visitors of our fellow English-speaking nations. I strongly apologise (us version: apologize) in advance for any inconvenience this may cause to our visitors from across the pond.

The humble beginnings and author/owner history

I’ve had a relatively diverse upbringing with a lot of obstacles and failures on the way, just like a lot of other people have. I’ve always been searching for answers to my short comings ever since I was very young. As it seemed I was suffering more than others. It made me question life a lot more than most people. Where ever I went, I saw most of my peers have things (such as health & other basics) which I didn’t and I saw them take those things for granted. It wasn’t until my mid 20s when this pathetic sob story thankfully ended. I finally saw the light without having any special revelations or an out of body experience or anything else that can’t be explained by science J.

About the history of my material and content posted on this website

I finally realised how all of these failures and problems were such a blessing. As these failures progressively created this deep thinking and a very logical mind. The failures made me question everything and I was forced to think differently. It gave me a strong urge to put my thoughts to paper ¬†as it felt very therapeutic every time I logically solved a problem through writing. For the next five years I spent writing and creating new material about life in general on topics such as: Motivation, Bullying, Insecurities, “How to follow routines” and all other self improvement topics. These topics will be my core material and I’ve written about them with passion. I will release these materials like chapters and in a chronological order.
This is why it gives me great pleasure to tell you all, that everything written in my posts are coming from my heart and intuition. I do not have to post about trending topics for the sake of drawing in the audience. It gives originality to my content and a great experience for my audience and readers.